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20 Andrews Dr, Woodland Park, NJ
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We work small to deliver BIG.

At CBR Media we are a small, dynamic team of designers, producers and passionately creative artists. We pride ourselves on delivering cutting edge video production services day to day and always with a focus on creativity and technical expertise. We have humble beginnings as a couple of friends delivering small visual projects, and have since grown rapidly to become an extended team of highly skilled production professionals, using nothing but the latest technology to conceive, capture and create stunning results.

Whether your shoot is personal or a large production, we will deliver your message through the art of our production. Our talented team consists of Digital Techs, Producers, Designer, as well as Apprentices who a will go above and beyond to create the production that you envision. The CBR Media Team is set out to make your production the most enjoyable experience.













Post Production

Our dedicated team of production professionals consists of various hardworking talents across the production process. We’re made up of Producers, Writers, Directors, Cinematographers and Editors who work closely with one another to bring fresh motion to the screen. The post production team is hardworking, dedicated to the craft and are continuously on the hunt for new and exciting editing and technique's!

Our producers have years in the industry and are professional talent from all various fields. The team we provide is very unique and will provide you with the best experience!
We understand your productions are valuable. Our team is well-rounded and creative in many different sectors. Your production will be nothing short of greatness! Call now to book your next shoot!
Our team of professionals work very close to each other providing well thought out feedback in order to provide top quality production. We have extremely fast turnaround with post production when scheduled ahead of time! We look forward to working with you!