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Its personal with us.

CBR Media provides a host of photography services geared to the needs of our regional business, institutional, and individual clients.  This includes photography in the studio and on location. We have over 30 years of experience making photographs, both traditional and digital, for clients near and far.  We understand that professionalism is part of the game. We bring that and way more.

Photographing people—it's a personal experience, you can see it in their faces.  Location, when it’s the background, compliments the image.  When the location is the subject, we let line, color, and contrast guide us. From a single portrait shoot to a large corporate event, we have the ability to cover you.




Key Benefits of the Service

Although we love motion, we also know how to slow down, take it one frame at a time. CBR Media began between a filmmaker and a photographer and continues to be that and much more. Photography plays a large part in what we do day to day at CBR Media.