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From a simple photo, to cinematic display, our team of professionals will be able to take your imagination from above and display your powerful content. At a stellar 4K or 1080 quality, your detail will not be missed. CBR Media covers you from the ground up. Weddings, Real Estate, Commercials, and Property Inspections can elevate your business in this thriving industry of digital media. The usage of our highly trained and detail oriented UAV operators understand your needs and will open your mind to our creativeness!

CBR Media's aerial service team provides the perfect blend of skills and film knowledge to their flight and remote control operations. We fly new lines in aerial drone cinematography and have introduced new techniques and technology designed to achieve the un-achievable shot.They fly further, faster and closer than anyone else in this emerging field of film. Our background first and foremost is in cinematography with an emphasis both on the aesthetics of the frames captured and of dynamic motion. This deep cinematography knowledge is complimented by state of the art expertise in remote control flight. It is this combination that allows a true artistry in producing stunning images that are exactly what film professionals are looking for.




Key Benefits of the Service

Aerial Services are a huge turn in the digital media industry. Helicopters are no longer needed for that beautiful aerial view! CBR Media has registered and trained UAV pilots that have a very creative eye for your work. Check out some out our work and book us now!

  We create your envisions
  High-Res Photo & Video
  Safe & Registered
  Cost Efficient

CBR Media's Aerial Division is registered and extremely cautious with our flight. We follow all FAA regulations for flying. Your project is important to us and we will make it a memorable one!
We have the ability to capture those "Impossible Shots."
Our team will be hands on at your needs to make sure your product is perfect. See something you don't like? We'll redo it right away! We pride in our high customer satisfaction.